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Inspiration for a simple life

“What would choosing a simple life look like for you?”

Living a life that is simplified is deeply ingrained in each of us. However, the world around us has been deceitful, leading us to believe that the only way we can be fulfilled is to strive for more. A life of simplicity will be something so few will choose. It means stepping off the path that is well-known, well-traveled, and overcrowded, and forging a new path where you might, at first, feel alone. However, we believe deep down in all of us, we long for a life of less….less chaos, less stress, and less stuff. Why do we come into this world with nothing and leave this earth with nothing? Why are our treasures here on earth truly our treasures in the kingdom of heaven? Jesus calls us to store our treasures in heaven, not here on earth.

Choosing a simple life is hard. While it may be the harder choice, it is the one with a clearer view, unhindered by the clutter of this world. We are the women behind Whimsy; two Christ-loving, stay-at-home mamas. We’re best friends of 18 years and have chosen to live a life of simplicity. We knew Christ had called us to a life that seemed so opposite to everyone else around us. We didn't always understand why, but Jesus in His goodness, tells a story far greater than one we could ever write.

If you also desire a simple life we hope that you follow along. If you want to make changes we want to support you. Maybe you want to declutter the stuff in your home. To make it function better for you and set it up so it’s easier to maintain and manage. Maybe you want to be more present with your children and are ready to sacrifice that extra paycheck to stay home. It may not pay off in the stuff you want to buy, but it will pay off in the life of your children. Maybe you’ve said “yes” to too many people, too many commitments, and too many responsibilities. The rat race is catching up with you and you're ready to let some things go, even if that means letting some people down. Saying no to more stuff will bring a feeling of peace to your life that you will crave. Having less will leave you feeling more fulfilled than having more ever has.

So we ask you again, “What would choosing a simple life look like for you?” Here at Whimsy, we hope you find a moment of peace. We hope that you are encouraged and know that you are not alone on the journey to choose a life that looks different than anyone else. We believe simplicity will change your life. We share it through the life we live, products we love, and even some we have designed. We desire less in a world of more. The only thing we hope for more of is more of Him.

Whimsy- Where He Is Master, Sovereign, Yahweh, and we experience a life of simple, yet profound peace.

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