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How we use Audible and Alexa Every Night

I have four boys who have fallen in love with listening to audiobooks. Each of them has their own Alexa device, and the beautiful thing about using Alexa and Audible together is that there is no limit to who can listen to a book. Each boy has their own book playing at night that transports them to another time and place through their imagination and the narrator telling the story. It is an amazing routine for our evenings. In this blog post, we will share what devices we use and some of my boy's favorite book series and authors.

First, make sure you have an Alexa. We went with the most basic selections. The Echo Dot or the Echo Pop are very affordable devices and sound great! We have one for each boy. And because safety is important to us, with Alexa, we have control over what our boys can use Alexa for.

We set up an account with Audible. You only need one account for your whole family! This works so beautifully with Alexa; this is how each boy can listen to their own books at night! There are thousands of books to choose from. It is so nice to choose any book from the comfort of your own home!

Here is a list of our all-time favorite audible books and authors.

Dan Gutman is not only a brilliant author but is also known for reading several of his books, and his work is truly outstanding. These books are filled with adventure that any baseball-loving kid will enjoy, and he does a fantastic job of weaving historical truth into them. My kids have listened to his books several different times!

The Harry Potter series alone is outstanding. However, reading by Jim Dale is life-changing. He makes these books come alive in a way that I can't describe in words. It is a constant go-to; whether traveling or just baking in the kitchen, we are known to put on a Harry Potter book!

Gordon Korman has become a quick favorite with my younger boys, ages 10-12. He has several books that have been fun and entertaining, and my boys have genuinely enjoyed any and all that they have listened to!

Max Brooks writes excellent official Minecraft books. The one read by Jack Black is an all-time favorite among my boys. However, any of Brooks's books are wonderful for elementary and middle school kids!

In conclusion, Audible stands out as an excellent subscription service, offering the perk of one credit per month. What sets it apart is its seamless accessibility across various platforms, including Alexa devices. Also, the assurance of ownership of books purchased ensures endless enjoyment, especially for children revisiting beloved stories. Audible fits so well into our family dynamic, enriching our lives with literary adventures and educational resources. It's not just a subscription; it's a cherished addition to our home.

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