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Welcome to Whimsy Gals Co., where simplicity meets inspiration. We're glad you stopped by. We invite you to browse WhimZ, our line of Tangle Free Sunglasses where fashion meets function. We've eliminated the painful experience of aviator sunglasses getting tangled in your hair. WhimZ sunglasses are lightweight, polarized, affordable, and of course tangle free. Take a break from the chaos and linger awhile. Let us inspire you to slow down, breathe deep, and embrace the beauty of simplicity. Join us as we celebrate the joy of tangle-free living and encourage each other to savor the simple things in life. Feel free to explore our blog filled with insights and ideas to help you embrace a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle. Discover the beauty of the simple life and be inspired by our collection of quotes and reels on Instagram and Facebook, as well as through our Pinterest boards. Most of all our hope is that you'll find inspiration in the simple design of everyday life.

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Meet the Whimsy Gals

We Are The Whimsy Gals
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We are The Whimsy Gals

We are The Whimsy Gals

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Welcome to the Whimsy world; I’m Beth~  I am a creator of made-up words, a wrangler of 4 very energetic boys, the crazy to my very calm husband (that I literally and lovingly call “The Calm.”)  I am the other -other half of Jamie, and shes the balance we all need in our lives. I am a caster of visions, a deep dreamer, an endless hopeless hoper. 


I am an uneducated educator. We homeschool all 4 of our boys (with lots of help). I grew up hating school, struggling with academics my whole life, and battling undiagnosed learning disabilities for years, and yet Jesus called me to be an educator. Much like Moses in the Bible, I felt very unequipped, but one thing I have learned time and time again is that where I fall short, He will not. He fills in my endless gaps and builds what were non-existent bridges so that my children will be educated. If He calls you to something you feel unqualified for, it's a good sign that it's exactly what He wants you to do. Where we can’t, He certainly can. 


I have 14 pairs of very worn black leggings, 8 off-the-shoulder shirts (different colors, y’all), and wear my Uggs even in the summer months of GA.  I am 42 years old and love to find things that not only make me feel good but make me feel COMFORTABLE. It is the most important thing.  I will wear this when I die; you will see me in it always, and I am 100% happy and confident in it. Jamie will flow in her dresses, and I will be right next to her with my Uggs and we are completely, perfectly content. 


I live on 5 acres in a small, simple home I love. I don’t aim for more, but I do aim for less. With 4 middle school boys, space is of most importance. I can’t waste any of it, so I strive to make the space work. I love my chickens, my billion trees, my property is my peace. Being a mom is the one thing in my life that has come easy; parenting, although is the hardest, most rewarding challenge I have ever faced. 


And I am madly, deeply in love with My Calm; he is the essence of our family, the giver, provider and keeps us all functioning. He is my greatest cheerleader and fixer of all the things I break… I am thankful. 


And We are so very thankful you have found The Whimsy Gals! Welcome, we hope you to will become a Whimsy Gal! 


Hi there!  I’m Jamie, and I'm all about finding joy and contentment in life's simple pleasures. Taking care of my family, creating a warm and cozy home, and embracing the little joys that surround me each day are what make my heart beat. You'll often find me tending to my garden, baking in the kitchen, or getting lost in the predictable storyline of a Hallmark movie. As a lover of holidays and a true theme enthusiast, I can't resist adding a sprinkle of festivity to life's special moments. I also love dresses, especially the ones adorned with gorgeous floral prints. They make me feel vibrant and alive, just like the blooms in my garden.  My husband insists I have an unhealthy obsession with throw pillows, and my children claim I fill silence with random whistling and humming. Hey! I can’t help it. Throw pillows are awesome! They can be changed to modify the entire look and feel of my home without breaking the budget. You know, he really should be thanking me.  And as for the whistling goes, what can I say? I’m like one of the seven dwarfs. I like to whistle while I work. In my head, I’m more like snow white. Though dwarf is probably more accurate, lol.


I've been blessed with an incredible partner in life. Brian is a prince! He is handsome, loyal, gentle, kind, and completely devoted to me and our beautiful children. I really did marry up!  We have two amazing kids who bring immeasurable joy to our lives. My son, Will, provides the soundtrack to my life. He and his guitar follow me everywhere I go. I fold laundry to the tune of "Tears in Heaven", clean bedrooms to "Welcome to the Jungle", and as I type this he's serenading me with a little "Simple Man." My daughter, “Sunny”, works for us at Whimsy Gals Co.  She is so smart and talented. She keeps Beth and me in line!


I have one of the most precious friendships with Beth. We've stood by each other through thick and thin, supporting and uplifting one another in both the happiest and most challenging times of our lives. Our bond is unbreakable.  We may be far apart geographically, but relationally, we are as close as sisters. It fills my heart with gratitude that we get to work together every day.


So there you have it.  A little bit about me. I’m so glad you are here!  I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon our little corner of the internet.  I hope you find something sweet and simple here that you can incorporate into your everyday life that brings you more joy and contentment.

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Hey hey!  My name is "Sunny" and my mom is Jamie.  Her friendship with "Aunt B" inspires me to look for the good in the world, and grasp the simple joys in life.  I was so happy when they asked me to be a part of Whimsy Gals Co. I enjoy photography and graphic design and have tried my hand at both through this business.  Though I am only a high school sophomore, I want to major in Computer Science and Graphic Design in college.  One thing you should know about me is that I love to read!  Remember Belle from Beauty and the Beast?  If I could be any Disney character it would be her.  Her library is so dreamy!  Forget jewelry, flowers, or fancy clothes, I just want to collect books.  My favorite days are rainy days spent curled up under a warm blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. I also enjoy cross-stitching.  As I continue to grow I hope I will always put the first things first: God, family, and happiness.  My future is full of dreams to chase and goals to reach.  I plan to enjoy the journey as much as, if not more than, the destination. 



We'd love to hear from you and know how you're experiencing the simple life.

Thanks for your feedback!

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